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Officers care for Local Standardization for Plants Export by Kinofarm

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Officers care for Local Standardization for Plants Export by Kinofarm

  • August 24,2021.

On August 13th, 2021, six officers including Zhenxiang Zhang, the Chief of Standardization Section of Zhangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and Lidong Gao, the Deputy Section Chief, went to Kino Farm to carry out on-site inspections of the application for local standards formulation projects in Fujian Province.

The General-manager of the company Jinlong Dong , introduced the company profile and the progress of local standards formulation projects to them. During the visit to the export shed, he gave a detailed introduction on the company’s exportion of Ficus microcarpa , Echinocactus grusonii, and so on. He especially introduced the company’s advantages of local standardization for plants export; then led them to visit the company's Echinocactus plantation base. Section Chief Zhenxiang Zhang and his group affirmed the company's preparations for standards formulation, and pointed out the apoints that should be paid attention to in the local standards formulation process, and expressed that they would pay more attention to the work of standards formulation in the future.

Previously, Kino Farm combined Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xiamen Customs Technology Center, Zhangzhou Flower Research Institute, Zhangzhou Flower Association and other relevant units to apply for setting the two local standards in Fujian Province:'Export technical specification for Ficus microcarpa' and 'Export technical specification for Echinocactus grusonii'.


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